Ghostbusters: Why Women Need To Back This Movie

If you haven’t seen the new Ghostbusters trailer, I urge you to do it now. Not only is it a fantastic display of a new twist on an old idea but it also stands as something entirely new for the realm of women in movies. This is a sci-fi action movie where every main character is a woman. Let me just repeat that because I don’t really think it’s sunk in. This is a sci-fi action movie where every main character is a woman. This isn’t some new property, this is Ghostbusters. If you feel that this is patronising, I can only direct you to the YouTube comment section on the trailer for you to really realise how much of a huge step forward this is for Hollywood.

I am absolutely disgusted by the display of sexist comments on display within these comment sections. It’s repulsive; therefore, I have decided to break it down into something that is not only hilarious but incredibly ironic.


First of all, what is the first thing that people say when a new reboot of a beloved franchise comes along? It will never be the same as the original. This is my biggest gripe as most reboot movies have this exact problem. They are too much like their source material. Look at Star Wars The Force Awakens for example; that movie was so much like the first Star Wars that it made me face palm at least twice in the cinema, yet everyone loved it. Everyone can complain about the fact that a movie might be too similar to its source but truth be told, everyone secretly wants that. I have no problem with a movie studio taking a fantastic idea and telling a new, reimagined take on it, but oh lord do not make the exact same movie.

There is a current trend of soft reboots (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World) where they take the basic premise and follow the original story with enough difference that it makes it watchable. Yet, you still leave the cinema with that haunting feeling like you’ve seen the movie before. This is something the new Ghostbusters is trying to avoid. It has openly come out and stated, from the very start, that it was an all-female cast. This is the sort of new and interesting perspectives that I want in reboots of movies. It pushes and challenges the audience into accepting something that they are unfamiliar with and in today’s social climate I feel it’s something that moviegoers really need. This isn’t just a situation where female, gay and people of colour are just shoehorned in to appeal to the minorities. This is the women running the show. Taking it for themselves and showing the world what they can do with it. It’s fresh. It’s new. It’s something that I really want to see work on the big screen.

Secondly, I want to talk about one moment in the trailer. Kate McKinnon licks a gun. Have you ever seen a man do that? No. This is something that is very small yet leads to something much bigger for female action stars. They aren’t just imitating their male counterparts; they are making trends and ideas for female action stars of their own. I personally can’t think of any man getting away with this and to be honest, I’m blown away. This movie has so much potential to raise the social conciseness for what women are capable of that I feel everyone should go see this. Even if it’s bad, we as a society are directly saying to the studios that we want more women to take central and vitally fundamental roles in all movies that are perceived as ‘guy movies.’ In a world that is dominated by The Fast And The Furious, Transformers and Marvel movies, I feel this is the perfect time for us to hit back and show what we want. With upcoming movies such as Wonder Woman and Ms Marvel it seems like we are heading in the right direction, but without the support of moviegoers, these roles might fall back into what they have always been.


I’m not saying this move will work, but it has such a strong cast that I can’t see it being awful. Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon are both champions of facial humour and Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy are both brilliant at physical comedy. These are two traits that have been missing from comedies in the last decade. Just look at Anchorman. This movie relies so much on the audible gags and hardly relies on visual ones. What are the funniest moments in Anchorman? The ones that still remain funny now? The scene where Will Ferrell kicks Jack Black’s dog off the bridge, the telephone box  and the epic fight. Why is this? They all rely so heavily on visual comedy.

With a cast of such wonderfully hilarious and talented women, this movie is probably going to be a hit. As soon as I heard the cast I was incredibly excited and from seeing the trailer, my excitement has only grown. This is the first movie of its kind. It’s a movie where the main characters are female and for once, men are taking notice. If anything is to be made of the comment sections of the trailer, it damn well needs to be successful. Otherwise, we are going to revert back to how things always have been. So if you take anything away from this, it should be to make this the top of your summer movie-going list just to ensure that we have to opportunity to have movies like this in the future.


6 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: Why Women Need To Back This Movie

  1. Although I disagree on your points with The Force Awakens, as I felt that movie was still fresh while following a formula, this whole post is so very on point. I’m so disgusted with everyone dismissing this movie for one or two reasons, and that’s because it’s a reboot they don’t want, and it being a female cast.

    I love the first two movies. But let’s be real here. Just counting the movies- there’s only 2 of them, and the last one was in 1989. What are people complaining about with this? The brand of this franchise has always been bigger than the movies themselves. This is the first time in nearly 30 years we’ve gotten a movie and people are acting like it’s going to ruin a movie franchise that has not seen the light of day in generations.

    This is why I didn’t find it offensive that Star Wars followed a formula and had many throwbacks, because they were fully aware that a huge portion of their audience was going to be brand new. It’ll end up being the same for this. There will be callbacks, there will be a similar structure maybe. But there will be enough in there to differentiate between the old and the new.

    Say what you want on the new Star Wars and Jurassic Park. But even though they had the same formula and had many callbacks as their original counterparts, they most definitely were not the same exact movie.

    I’ve asked people what they don’t like about this movie so far, and it really seems like people are hating it just to hate it. This is going to be one of those movies where it’s just the cool thing to do to hate this. Some people have actually said, they simply don’t like the cast itself, that they don’t find Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy funny because they’ve actually seen their other work, and just don’t like them. That’s fair. But sometimes you can tell if a person has actually seen their stuff or not, or if they’re just some dude who hasn’t actually seen Bridesmaids or The Heat because they just see them as movies only girls would like. Or maybe they’ve seen their movies that weren’t under the direction of Paul Feig, which really makes a difference. You brought up Will Ferrell. I only really love him if his movies are directed by Adam McKay. That can just be the nature of the beast as far as how a comedic actor works, depending on their director. This is why they choose to work together so often.

    It’s just a huge shame that people are so automatically dismissive. This is a problem with everything, not just movies.

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    1. Thanks a lot, It’s nice to see someone who has actually seen my point of view about this. The amount of hate this has been receiving has been overwhelming. A lot of comments about me being sexist have been thrown around. I feel that everyone has made their mind up that this movie is going to be awful, therefore, when I say that women should do and watch it they feel that I’m only saying it because women are in it.
      That’s not the point, I honestly think this is going to be really fun and an entertaining remake for once.

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  2. Going back, I must have misunderstood your words on The Force Awakens. It seems like we do have similar thoughts on how they approached that. I think I took your face palm comment as you didn’t like what you saw at first but I understand your points there more clearly and agree with you wholeheartedly.

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      1. ehh… I cannot defend the star killer base. I do agree that it was the weaker point of the movie for me.

        As for the death, that’s really just all in line with the poetry of not only the series, but just the structure of A Heroes Journey, where we almost always see the older mentor figure pass. I thought this was done in a cool and different way too. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon would go on through the force, and Obi-Wan actually gave himself up KNOWING he would become stronger in spirit and still be able to guide Luke. Han was straight up murdered. And he’s not comin’ back.


  3. I think that all those words on a movie that’s not out yet are kind of pointless – they make for good discussions maybe, but we’ll know when we’ll see it.

    Regarding Star Wars, it’s a movie made for a new generation. Is it similar to Ep. IV? Yes, definitely. But it’s different enough to pay homage to its origins while setting the ground for the future. Plus, SW always follows the same trope of 1. Introduce the Evil guy; 2. Discover that evil guy became evil for some very tender and sweet reason (i.e. saving his wife from death) 3. Redemption of the evil guy. SW takes a lot from Buddhism (if you’ve read the books or comics of the Old Republic, you’ll see that the story is the same).

    Back to Ghostbusters: Again, I feel it’s useless to talk about it before the movie is out. It’s a good move from the studios to gain exposure for sure. Ghostbusters trope is, let’s put 4 different people together, let’s them fight evil in a funny way, and let’s put a God Bless America spin to it. That’s what I expect from that movie. We’ll see!


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