Review: Deadpool (★★★★)

4 stars

Deadpool doesn’t really reinvent the superhero genre but it doesn’t need to. This is the Deadpool movie that everyone was waiting for, especially after the travesty that was X-men Origins: Wolverine. It’s an absolute blast which will have you smiling and laughing out loud all the way through but tropes that bogs down most initial superhero movies are very present here. This doesn’t stop it from being an incredibly enjoyable experience; however, I left the cinema wanting more.

This movie took Ryan Reynolds 11 years to make and you can see the loving attention to detail that the movie needed from the opening credits. As soon as it starts you know what you are in for and it’s truly refreshing.  The humour is this movie’s strength. I like Deadpool; however, whilst going into the movie I expected a lot of potty humour and silly slapstick. Sure you get that, but it’s done in such a unique and charming manner that it stands in a league of its own. It isn’t humour like Deadpool, it is Deadpool humour, and this can only be accredited to the fantastic writing.


The plot isn’t anything special. It’s your classic revenge movie with a superhero origin, but the way that the origin was done really affected the pace. It suffers from what Man of Steel did as it breaks the origin into smaller sections that are scattered throughout the first 40 minutes. Deadpool is the only movie I know that could have gotten away with not having an origin story. They could have even shown a trailer before the movie with the origin story in and made a call-back to it later on. Despite this, the movie doesn’t fall into the classic trope of overly hyped movies where the trailer gives away too much of the movie. In fact it does a brilliant job as not only are the scenes you’ve seen in the trailer further fleshed out, it also doesn’t show you anything from the second half of the movie, which is wonderful.

The way in which the story is laid out, especially with the origin being 40 minutes into the movie, I really feel like there was more that this movie could have shown me of Deadpool that I didn’t get. This is both a negative and positive; I enjoyed the character that much that I want to see more. You do get plenty of Deadpool in this movie, but maybe I’m just being a needy Deadpool bitch.

Ryan Reynolds is perfectly cast. He was born to play this role and he plays it better than you could ever want. When the mask is on, you have no idea that it is Reynolds. It’s just Deadpool. The addition of Colossus and the brilliantly titled Negasonic Teenager Warhead are welcome additions and add some morality to all the chaos. This also allows Deadpool to bounce off them for some of the funniest moments in the movie. The villain, boringly called Francis, isn’t anything special at all. Although he fills his purpose and serves as a driving force for the plot, he doesn’t really feel like a rival for Deadpool and just ultimately comes off as rather weak.


I have absolutely no idea how this movie received a 15 certificate in the UK because it definitely feels like an 18 movie. The violence, language and sexual content are exactly what this movie needed and they were all cranked to 11. No territory is left untouched and the violence is brutally fun to watch.

This movie made me giddy about superhero movies again. I had an absolute blast and if you are getting to the stage with superhero movies were you are bored of seeing the same old same old, Deadpool will surely pick you back up again. Although there were the classic superhero origin tropes that plague movies like this, it has left me really wanting a sequel and, wink wink, we are getting one!


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